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A Gentlemen’s guide to E-commerce CRO – [Cloned #2581]

A gentle man guide to E-commerce CRO

What is an E-commerce CRO?

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, but this is not just for the Conversion Rate KPI that you see in any of your analytics tools, it is more than that. Basically, CRO will not only improve the conversion KPI but also will improve the revenue of your E-commerce store.

In order to be successful in the e-commerce business there are two levers that you can push:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversion

If you increase the monthly traffic to your site your business will grow but the point here is that acquiring new traffic is very expensive and even if we buy some new traffic to our website if the website is not well optimized for a better conversion and is not providing good experience then traffic will leave the site without doing anything.

This will result in..

  1. Higher Bounce Rate
  2. Lower Revenue per visitor
  3. Lower LTV (Lifetime value)

and obviously

4. lower conversion

Now, I am pretty sure that you are not buying traffic just to make them leave without doing anything. Here you might need to think about leveraging the second lever, i.e, the conversion. It is like you are optimizing your platform with data & real-time experiments (more on these later) to get the most out of your already existing traffic or visitors.

Key E-commerce KPIs

Its easy to get lost in the sea of data that analytics send with us. But to make most of the decision we just need few of the KPIs and that will be enough.

  1. Average Order Value (AOV)
  2. Revenur Per Visior (RPV)
  3. Conversion Rate
  4. Cart Abandon Rate or Bounce Rate

It will indicate the problem area but it will not tell why that problem is occurring for that we need to perform the research.

What if I am a startup and have very little traffic?

If you are just starting your e-commerce journey or you have less traffic then I would say Conversion should not be your initial focus, Instead, You should put effort in acquiring more traffic and marketing. But still, the least you can do at this stage is make sure your website functions correctly across all the devices (Mobile, tablet, and desktop).

Once you get enough traffic, you can start running conversion optimization.

But how much traffic is enough for me to get started with CRO? & How much is little traffic?

It depends upon your industry and type of segments that you are targeting. But usually on average at least aim for having more than 5k monthly visitors before going into the conversion.

Buy now you get to know what are CRO and the key concepts before going for CRO, Let’s dive in for the CRO Process and how it will work on your E-commerce site?


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Bhargav Patel

Bhargav Patel

My goal is to help E-commerce businesses like yours, make the most out of their traffic without investing extra money in marketing. A huge 35% of potential sales vanish because of not-so-great online experiences. My job is to ensure your business isn't one of them. At Refraxon, we dig into data to find out where customers get stuck, and then we make your website work better to turn visitors into happy shoppers.

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